Kyle Fitzpatrick '10


The Feel Good Lab

Kyle Fitzpatrick ’10 is a co-founder of The Feel Good Lab, a startup on a mission to provide healthier pain relief options to all people. Prior to launching The Feel Good Lab, Kyle spent his professional career at Red Bull where he led a variety of sales, distribution, andmarketing projects. Outside of the business world, Kyle is passionate about sports and coaches a high-school basketball team in Waterbury, CT. Kyle graduated from the UConn School of Business (’10) and currently resides in Shelton, CT.

“It wasn’t too long ago I was sitting in the same seats as these students so feel I can provide a valuable perspective in bringing clarity to navigating the college (and post-college) experience. I’m also happy to provide interested students a look behind the curtain of my company, The Feel Good Lab.”

– Kyle Fitzpatrick ’10

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