Alumni Mentor Feedback Form Fall 2022

Thanks for taking the time to mentor our students this semester!

While providing feedback please refer to the section in the syllabus we discussed during mentor orientation that you will be awarding students
15 points for quality of interactions and 15 points for quantity of interactions.
The goal for allowing the mentor to award these points is to be sure that students are engaging with you with appropriate frequency
and are prepared for the interactions.

Please let Michael or Amanda know should you have any questions.

Alumni Mentor Feedback Form Fall 2022

1. Quality of Interactions

Alumni mentors are asked to provide feedback and award points on the quality of interactions over the course of the semester - 15 points.

2. Quantity of Interactions

Students are asked to contact their alumni mentor at least 4 times (minimum) throughout the semester in addition to the in-person dinner. This includes quality exchanges via email, phone calls, virtual, and/or in-person meet-ups. The goal for this is to encourage students to consistently reach out to you throughout the semster in order to solidify the mentor/mentee relationship and gain the valuable insight that you are here to offer. - 15 points.

Thank you for taking the time to be an alumni mentor for our School of Business students and your continued support!

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