Amal Grammas

Amal Grammas, MBA has more than 25 years of business and consulting experience in healthcare. She is the President of Grammas Executive Coaching, LLC and a Strategic Partner at Recombinators Consulting, LLC. Amal has extensive experience coaching executives of all levels. She has pioneered the Wholistic Executive Coaching Approach. This coaching method is based on the concept that who you are at work is a reflection of your drives, ambitions and beliefs. This innovative approach is unique to Grammas Executive Coaching. Amal has worked with clients from Novartis, Oracle, Abbott Labs and much more. Her mission is to help people stop going through the motions at work and in life and to become powerful, fulfilled leaders, no matter what their role is. Most of Amal’s clients are leaders in their industry who have gotten where they are through hard, work, tenacity and talent. They have reached many of their material goals but still feel like something is missing. They come to Amal and her team for help in specific areas related to balance, leadership and growth.

Amal has extensive training in a variety of coaching philosophies and techniques, including but not limited to Steps to a Difficult Conversation, Tony Robbin’s Strategic Intervention and 6 Human Needs, Neurolinguistic Programming, Claire Graves – ECLET, Adult Human Development, Elevation Strategy, Integrity Coaching, Jon Kabat-Zinn – MBSR, Milton Eriksson’s Brief Therapy, Carl Jung’s Theory of Personality, Analytical Psychology, Collective Unconscious, Creating Common Purpose, Aligning employee goals with co goals, Values Coaching, Personal Fulfillment Coaching, Handle Group Coaching Strategies.