Applying the Skills of Mindfulness in Business: Increasing our Focus, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were asked what one skill has been the most pivotal to their success, and they both shared the same word – FOCUS. Copper Beech Institute can help you develop yourself and your workplace to be more empathic, emotionally intelligent, more resilient, and more focused. Increasingly, Copper Beech Institute teachers are being called upon to meet the urgent challenges in our culture—distraction, toxic stress and ever-increasing demands.

Our expert mindfulness teacher will share some of the cutting-edge neuroscience and guide you in exploring how mindfulness and meditation can transform the stress, chaos and conflicts of work-life into opportunities for connection, creativity and deeper wellbeing. Work and life do not need to be disheartening and burdensome, but can be uplifting and gratifying as we join with our colleagues for a common purpose.

These lively workshops will include teaching, guided exercises, conversation, storytelling and laughter, as well as clear, simple skills and practices that can be applied right away.

 Session Objectives:

  • Discuss stressors faced by professionals and how we are effected.
  • Clarify mindfulness and explore the science and benefits.
  • Learn how to apply these practices and increase focus in work and life