Brian Fox ’17 Ph.D.

brian fox

Brian Fox is a Ph.D. candidate in the Management Department at the UConn School of Business, with a concentration in Strategy.  Brian’s research interests include competitive dynamics (how firms choose specific actions and respond to their rivals), as well as industry evolution (how industries, and the firms that comprise them, change over time). 

Brian’s dissertation focuses on the 3D printing industry, examining how managerial experience influences strategic choice – and how these choices affect firm performance.  In particular, he studies how the industry life cycle shapes senior manager experience, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of that experience. Brian’s work has been published in several outlets and presented at both national and international conferences, including the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society annual meetings. Brian is a two-time recipient of the School of Business Outstanding Ph.D. Student Scholar Award, and a recipient of the Anthony Esposito Student Development scholarship.  In his time at UConn, Brian has taught four different courses related to strategy and entrepreneurship. Brian has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Bentley University starting this summer.