Aileen Tobin '15

Senior Client Strategist

Undertone Networks

Aileen Tobin ’15 as a Senior Strategist is part of a cross-functional team responsible for Undertone’s highest value clients. During pre-sale, she acts as a strategic resource for the Sales team and is responsible for creating world class custom solutions that tie Undertone’s value proposition and products to an advertiser’s objectives. Aileen helps create custom packages and vertical solutions designed to solve advertiser challenges, using Undertone’s creative capabilities and products including proprietary high impact formats, social media platform extensions and custom content. She implements efficient processes and systems for sharing solutions, industry insights and best practices across sales regions, and uses her creativity to contribute relevant ideas that solve advertiser challenges.

“Being a UConn mentor means giving back to a community that offered me so much in my 4 years! As a member of the Business Connections learning community, I had access to networking events, field trips, internships, and other learning opportunities to get ahead of my career. I feel fortunate that I had that opportunity, and want to help other students in return.”

– Aileen Tobin ’15

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