David Persaud '15 MBA

VP, Marketing

Sabatino Truffles

Dave Persaud ’15 MBA is a brand management and marketing professional with a proven ability to bring struggling and distressed consumer packaged goods brands back to life. Some of my accomplishments include quintupling revenue in under 4 years and developing new products which have added $20MM in incremental revenue to established brands. I enjoy building brands, growing rapidly, and beating larger competitors using a combination of traditional and digital marketing to deliver business results. I also enjoy constantly learning and experimenting to find new innovative ways to deliver a better ROI on each marketing dollar spent. I have successfully revitalized brands in the personal care, candy & snacks, and premium luxury foods categories, as well as wine & spirits. I thrive in fast-paced organizations that exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and have a culture of getting things done. To find out more about me, my successes, or how I can help you, feel free to contact me at: Email: me@davekpersaud.com Website: www.davekpersaud.com

“I always approach mentoring UConn undergraduate students from a position of wanting to share the knowledge I wish I had when I was in their shoes. I want to help them develop into young professionals capable of attaining their dreams. To be a UConn Mentor means playing an active role in continuously improving the education for UConn students. It means helping to connect the educational experience with the professional experience and bridging the gap between the two.”

– David Persaud ’15 MBA

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