Robert Lerman '64 MSE



Robert Lerman ’64 MSE is a seasoned alumnus who has broad experience as Founder and/or CEO of public and private companies in a variety of industries. Bob has been a consultant to private and public companies with emphasis on manufacturing and service for consumer and industrial products, marketing, health care and oil exploration industries. He has raised $125 million for 60 companies over a 35-year period and was managing partner and chief investment officer for 3 investment partnerships, including one for the State of Connecticut. Bob is knowledgeable about the public marketplace and SEC rules, regulations, due diligence, mergers/acquisitions and has raised capital through private equity, venture capital, IPOs and angel investors as well as numerous bank financings in the U.S. as well as London. Bob has been extensively published in the investment industry, The Predictor, Handbook of Wealth Management, and co-authored a graduate level textbook, Nonlinear System Dynamics. Bob graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1964, earning a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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