Scott Kozak '88


Rho Renewables

Scott Kozak ’88 received a BS in Marketing in 1988 from the University of Connecticut, School of Business, and earned an MBA in (International) Marketing from Georgia State University’s Kennesaw State University Michael J. Coles School of Business. Scott started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and has held senior positions in marketing, brand management, Business Development, Licensing & Corporate Development in such companies as Forest Labs, Hoffmann La Roche and Solvay over the past 30 years. Scott has also worked for start-up pharmaceutical companies such as EpiCept and RHEI Pharmaceuticals helping those companies to partner, raise funds and, in the case of EpiCept, go public. He also managed the US office of RHEI Pharmaceuticals and sat on the Board of that company’s China subsidiary while acquiring the rights to their product portfolio to be marketed in China. Over the past several years he has embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and co-founded several companies; New Haven Pharmaceuticals, Prevention Pharmaceuticals and Rho Renewables. In 2017, as Chief Business Officer, after successfully partnering their lead technology with Sasol, a top South African petroleum & chemical company, Scott became the CEO of Rho Renewables. This company is using both classical yeast genetic engineering and modern molecular biology tools to develop powerful fermentation systems for the high-level production of monocyclic aromatic compounds including specialty chemicals, biofuels, and flavors and fragrances. He is also currently the Chief Business officer for Universal Sequencing Technology (UST), a next-generation DNA Sequencing located in the Boston area as well as consulting for Potentiometric Probes, a CT-based company marketing Voltage-Sensitive Dyes for cardiovascular & neurological drug discovery. Scott is also an Adjunct Faculty member at the UCONN (Graduate) School of Business Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI). He teaches Biomedical Entrepreneurship, a course providing insight and guidance into how to identify opportunities and create and market a successful solution within the biomedical industry.

“Being a UConn Mentor is fulfilling and educational. While being able to give back to the community that helped shape who I am, it’s always great to be able to keep a pulse on the next generation of business people and their ideas and capabilities.”

– Scott Kozak ’88

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