Jonathan E. Beyman ’76


Jonathan E. Beyman ’76 has joined the Board of Directors of Polaris Consulting & Services, Ltd.   The Board of Directors unanimously felt he would add immense value as Polaris enables the digital transformation of its clients.  Mr. Beyman was inducted into the University Of Connecticut School Of Business Hall of Fame in May 2009.

Donna A. Rosequist ’76, ’82 MBA

Donna A. Rosequist ’76, ’82 MBA was promoted to vice president at Segal Rogerscasey.  Ms. Rosequist was most recently Director, Alpha Investment Research in Darien.  Ms. Rosequist has 20 years of experience as a fiduciary and advisor on private equity research. She assists clients with the design of private equity programs including plan structure, strategy and performance monitoring.

Alan J. Cicchetti ’76 MBA

Alan J. Cicchetti ’76 MBA has been appointed as director of agency relations of Lenders Compliance Group and executive director of Brokers Compliance Group after being the deputy commissioner of the Connecticut Banking Department. Mr. Cicchetti will manage the growth of the new risk management firm which is exclusively for mortgage brokers as the executive director of Brokers Compliance Group.